Real-Time Insights from Massive Time-Series Datasets, Using MySQL
Billions of rows. Petabytes of data
Consistent Performance @Scale
Insert, query and join millions of
records per second
No Migration
Keep the MySQL you love: SQL, Joins, Ad-Hoc Queries
and the people and tools you already have

Features and Benefits

Extends MySQL
MariaDB (a version of MySQL) is one of the DBMS front-ends to ScaleDB’s high-velocity engine

Handles Big Fast Data
Use MariaDB/ScaleDB for OLAP with time-series data; continue to use MariaDB/InnoDB for OLTP


All Your Favorite Tools
MariaDB works with standard MySQL connectors and with your favorite BI tools (Tableau, Pentaho, and many others)

Extreme Streaming
Ingest time-series data at a constant rate of a million inserts per second

Supports Modern Workloads
Modern applications consume massive volumes of high-velocity data, ScaleDB supports extreme velocity

Query Data Flow
SQL queries executed on ScaleDB can evaluate hundreds of millions of rows per second

Real-Time Decision-Making
Running analytics on streaming data increases your organization’s agility, based on near real-time insight

Linear Scale-on-the-Fly
Query performance and ingestion rates scale linearly by adding nodes to the ScaleDB cluster

Perfect for the Cloud
Designed for cost-effective and virtualized compute instances that scale-on-the-fly


Scale On-Demand
Scale to the capacity you need, when you need it

MPP w/Push-Down Queries
SQL queries are pushed to the storage tier and processed, in parallel, where the data resides

Faster Queries
Parallel processing across commodity machines (similar to MapReduce) results in blazing query performance

Time-Series Analytics
Runs analytics such as Top K, Group By, Time-Predicates, and more over time-series data

Actionable Insight
Get real-time insight into time-series data like log files, sensor data, click-streams, user sentiment, and more

Disk-Based / DRAM Performance
Optimized structures for time-series deliver extreme performance

Low-Cost / High-Performance
You are no longer forced to trade-off costs and performance, you get both


Retain Full Data Fidelity
Maintains consistent performance, without pruning data or scaling-back data fidelity as the data ages

Intelligent Data Cluster
Multi-master MySQL environment that scales without sharding

Simplify DevOps
Build your app to a single database node and then scale to a full cluster seamlessly


Reduce Developer Work
Traditional cross-shard processing can now be handled by the DBMS, making App development faster and easier

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