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Ad Hoc Queries Evaluate
10’s of Millions of Rows/Second

1,500,000 Rows/Second
Uses Commodity Servers

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Say NO to Batch Processing
Batch is Old School…like Mainframes and Punchcards
Imagine Google Queries Taking 1 Day...It’s Insane!
ScaleDB Enables real-Time Ad Hoc Queries

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Fast Data. Fast Results. Fast Insight

                        • Do you have too much data for MySQL?
                        • Is your data streaming in too fast for MySQL?
                        • Do your queries take too long?
                        • Do you need to store and manipulate time-series data?
                        • Do you need to handle massive numbers of concurrent users?
                        • Do you want to scale without leaving MySQL?
                        • These are problems ScaleDB solves!

ScaleDB Accelerates MySQL

Queries Process
15,000,000 Rows/Second
1/500th the Cost
of In-Memory Solutions

Our Technology Takes MySQL to the Next Level


Stream Data Inserts

Insert just like you would into MySQL
…except 500-times faster!


Data is Indexed & Stored

We index and store the data into mirrored storage nodes for high-availability.



Query the data as it flows in, using standard SQL or analytic applications

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Statricks: A ScaleDB Customer Reference

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Real-Time Analytics and Visualization of Streaming Big Data with JReport & ScaleDB

October 15, 11:00AM PDT

Join ScaleDB and Jinfonet to learn more about big fast data and how ScaleDB supports millions of inserts per second with real-time BI-style queries. JReport then provides powerful real-time visualization of the data, using in-database analytics and visualization. Click this link to register.