Bob Walters – CEO, Untangle linkedin

Former Marine pilot who flew the F/A-18 Hornet fighter, Bob now leads Untangle, the pioneer in open source network gateway platforms. Previously, Bob was CEO of Teros, which was acquired by Citrix Systems. Bob was an executive at Securant Technologies (now part of RSA Security), Linuxcare, Informix Software, and Red Brick Systems. Bob is a published expert and invited speaker in internet security, data warehousing/data mining, entrepreneurship, and leadership. He is an honors graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and was a Guggenheim Fellow at Princeton University.

Ulf Sandberg – Vice President, Professional Services, Hortonworks linkedin

Previously, Ulf was founding CEO of SkySQLAb the alternative source for software, services and support for the MySQL® database and related technologies. A 25-year veteran of Silicon Valley and the professional services industry, Ulf was previously the Senior VP of Global Services at MySQL. Ulf played a critical role in helping MySQL grow from start-up to successful acquisition. Before joining MySQL, Sandberg was Vice President of professional services at Finaplex, an enterprise software company in the global financial services market. Prior to that he was Vice President, field services at Marimba (IPO 1999 and later acquired by BMC). Earlier in his career, Sandbergheld a number of engineering management positions in U.S. and European companies. He received his MSEE from Lunds Institute of Technology, Sweden and resides in Silicon Valley, California.

Brian Aker – Fellow, HP (Cloud) linkedin

Brian is a Fellow at HP, focused on the cloud. Previously he has been a Distinguished Engineer at Sun, Director of Architecture at MySQL AB and CTO at Data Differential in addition to roles at VA Linux, and The Cobalt Group. Brian is well known for his work on MySQL and Drizzle. Brian earned a triple major in environmental science, computing and mathematics, from Antioch College.

Jnan Dash – Former CTO, Oracle linkedin

A leading expert in the software industry, Jnan mentors some of the leading startup executives in the Silicon Valley. Jnan was the Group Vice President, Systems Architecture and Technology at Oracle from 1992 to 2002. At Oracle he provided technical leadership to the database and application teams, while interfacing with major customers. Prior to joining Oracle, Jnan was a founding member of IBM’s DB2 database team, where he led technology for 16 years. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Systems Design from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Mark Moore – Senior Vice President, Products, Recommind linkedin

Mark began his career at Oracle where he spent 7 years working on the database kernel—with a focus on large scale implementations—and another 2+ years as Director of Oracle’s Media Server Division addressing broadband video. Following Oracle, he was a founding member of successful start-ups: (now Rhapsody Music), and Diba, Inc.(acquired by Sun Microsystems) where he led product development, product strategy, product marketing and a variety of other functions. He was then EVP of products and services for Niku Corporation. Following this he went on to become founding CEO of One True Media – the web’s largest video editing site, funded by Kleiner Perkins. Mark earned a BS in Computer Science from Northwestern University.