Moshe Shadmon – Chairman – CTO, ScaleDB linkedin

Over 20 years of experience in software development and management of start-up companies; inventor and instigator of the database technology. Founder and CEO of ORI Software; co-founder and CTO of RightOrder Inc. Law degree (LLB) from Tel Aviv University, Israel.

Mike Hogan – Chief Marketing Officer, ScaleDB linkedin

Former CEO ZiXXo Inc., a Web 2.0 coupon creation/management/syndication network. Previously, Mike was VP Field Operations United States/Asia Pacific for Poet Software a leading object-oriented database (ODBMS) company. Mike was part of the management team at Poet that took the company from venture funding to IPO (later acquired). Mike was also a leader in the emergence of XML and XML-based data management. He wrote the seminal white paper on XML and its storage requirements in 1997 (before it was a standard).

Bill Russell-Shapiro – Proprietor, The Absinthe Group

Bill Russell-Shapiro received his BA from Yale, and a graduate degree in Urban Planning from MIT. He has combined some of his life interests in job creation, food and wine, by starting and growing a number of leading restaurants and businesses in San Francisco. Bill started the Firehouse Bar-B-Que restaurants (since acquired), Mad Wills Foods (a fine-food bottling plant in Auburn), and restaurants in San francisco: Absinthe, Absinthe Private Dining, Arlequin Café & Food to Go, Boxing Room, and Comstock Saloon. He remains moderately active in politics and invests in early-stage technology companies and in sustainable food ventures, where his leadership and business expertise can also add value and potentially help realize significant returns.

Tom Arthur – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) linkedin

With a background in Sales and a maniacal focus on customer satisfaction, Tom has successfully lead four companies – completing an IPO with one start-up, selling two companies, and turning around another that is on its way to profitability. Prior to leading companies, Tom’s roles have included General Manager, Vice President, and Sales Manager.
Prior Companies: ActivCard, Arbor Networks, Classic Technology, Novell, PhoneSpots (acquired by VoodooVox), and RedSeal Networks.

John Gibbon – Vice President, Partner Product Management, Concur linkedin

John has held executive roles in both public and private companies such as VP Product Management, VP Engineering, CTO, and VP Emerging Technologies. He has a Ph.D. in computer engineering, has been on the boards of several software companies and has taught the course“Building Software Products: From Strategy to Sales” at Stanford, in their Continuing Studies program.

Gad Shadmon – Chairman, Masig Ltd.

Masig Computers Ltd. is an Israeli firm whose flagship product, Mishpatit, is a leading software package for lawyers and legal departments. Masig customers include Tel-Aviv City Hall and The Israel Electronic Corp legal department.