BootScale is a combination of products and services meant to radically reduce your time to value, by delivering and managing a database infrastructure that is completely tailored to your needs. With BootScale, you’ll be using a system to run analytics against your streaming data in a matter of days.

You bring your data, we add our products and expertise: here is BootScale

BootScale derives its name from “Build, Operate and Optionally Transfer your ScaleDB”. Here is how it works:

  1. First, we will conduct a free assessment: we will meet with your team, virtually or in person, and assess your need and the fit. Our deliverables from this process is a statement of work (SOW), complete with projected costs unique to your needs.
  2. Then, we build the infrastructure, we install and configure a ScaleDB environment. We’ll also build the database and data transfer process to meet your needs. We can build the environment in your datacenter or in the Cloud: we provide the options, you will decide.
  3. Next step will be the operation: we support the database infrastructure, monitor it for you, and provide optimization advice and services. 24/7 support is also available for an additional cost. All you have to do is to use the environment: load and analyze data. In the meantime, we will be happy to train your team in maintaining and monitoring the system.
  4. You can use the environment and we will provide the expertise of our team for as long as you need. When you decide that it is time to transfer the monitoring and the maintenance of the system to your team, we will pass the control of the environment over to you.


Why BootScale?

Here is why BootScale is different from a Database as a Service and from a Database Administrator service:

  • Use the platform of your choice: we do not require to run ScaleDB in the Cloud or on specialized hardware. During the initial assessment, we will identify your requirements and recommend the best platform suitable to host your environment. Servers can be in the Cloud or on premises, provided they meet basic requirements of performance and interoperability.
  • Predictable costs: we will build the system to your specifications, you will know in advance how much your analytical engine is going to cost you.
  • High availability: we will make the system highly available for you, capable of automatic failover and self-healing, all based on ScaleDB features.
  • Scalability: should your workload change, we can adapt the environment to your needs, scaling out or shrinking the system… and the costs.
  • Bring your own tools: there is no need to adapt your business to our tools, we bring the analytical environment to your favourite tools. When in doubt, our experts will help you in selecting the best tools.
  • Full control: with BootScale you have full control of the ScaleDB environment. You can access the system at any time and require the changes your business need. At any time, after an initial period used to adjust the environment, you can stop or transfer BootScale.

No lock-in, full control and peace of mind: this is BootScale!

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