Senior Software Engineer

ScaleDB is a fast growing poised to disrupt the database market and you can be a part of this team. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity allowing you to get in on the ground floor of something huge with a significant equity upside. ScaleDB combines shared-cache clustering and patented high-performance indexing in a MySQL storage engine that enables MySQL to compete with high-end commercial databases. ScaleDB brings shared-cache clustering to commodity servers. This takes the power of the LAMP stack to a new level. We are looking for A+ people to join our team and be part of something huge.


Looking for C/C++ experience, ideally with experience with database server internals. You will design and implement a next generation database storage engine. You will have ownership for transaction management, index access, lock management, buffer management, log writer, and similar DBMS modules.


  • Very strong in C/C++
  • 5+ years experience in large enterprise system development
  • Understand and worked with database internals such as transaction management, lock management, index access, buffer management, recovery, etc. are a plus
  • Experience with database clustering and indexing are a plus


Very strong in C/C++


MS/BS/PhD in CS, EE or other relevant technical degree


Competitive salary, with ground floor stock options.

We are located in Menlo Park, CA. Please send your resume to and specify the position in your subject line.