MySQL & Modern Workloads

ScaleDB extends MySQL for high-velocity high-volume data, enabling near real-time analytics across massive streams of data. NoSQL and Hadoop are excellent choices for unstructured data, or data variety challenges. However, if you are managing structured time-series data, and it is generated at high-velocity and high-volume, MySQL with ScaleDB is the tool for you. Unlike NoSQL, ScaleDB is a feature rich ACID compliant RDBMS solution including SQL, Joins, Ad-Hoc Queries and full support of the MySQL ecosystem. With special optimizations for time-series data, ScaleDB even outperforms NoSQL alternatives so, you can continue to use the MySQL you know and trust.

The ScaleDB Ecosystem

MariaDB is the database tier and ScaleDB operates underneath as a clustered storage engine. This means you use all of the familiar tools to program, manage, and optimize your MySQL applications. In other words, all the connectors are available /J, /PHP, /ODBC, etc. and if you want to run a BI tool against the data, you can pick between Tableau, Looker, JReport, Pentaho and many more.

If you need to combine your streaming time-series data with OLTP data, you can put the OLTP data into a table using MySQL with InnoDB. Complex queries that join between your OLTP data and your streaming (ScaleDB) data are then easily supported. Not only does ScaleDB scale-out with high-volume, high-velocity time-series data, it is MySQL.