Software Partners

ScaleDB’s primary software partners are the providers of the two databases we currently support: MySQL and MariaDB. ScaleDB uses standard and open APIs to interface to both of these products and we do not change any code in the products themselves, ensuring future compatibility.

MariaDB was founded by Michael “Monty” Widenius, one of the founders and chief designers/programmers of MySQL. MariaDB is a completely open source branch of MySQL.




Jinfonet provides JReport, a pure Java reporting solution that delivers business intelligence and visualization solutions. JReport seamlessly embeds into any application through an extensive API set. JReport also provides interactive data visualization with customizable ad hoc reporting and dashboards that empower end users through the Web and mobile devices. JReport is a perfect complement to ScaleDB, with ScaleDB ingesting high-velocity data and JReport providing the data visualization and visual analytics tools on watch a recording of our joint web seminar.


Wind River ScaleDB Partnership
The world is in the midst of a dramatic transformation from isolated systems to Internet-enabled devices that can network and communicate with each other, commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Intel along with McAfee and Wind River is focused on accelerating the development and deployment of intelligent devices, creating systems of systems by connecting legacy devices to the cloud and enabling end-to-end analytics to transform business. Our innovative technologies are enriching and enlivening everyday life experiences, changing the way we connect, communicate, live and work and empowering business to do more, be more, and achieve more.



Cloud Partners

ScaleDB operates on all Linux-based public clouds tested thus far. There are certain optimizations that are advantageous for ScaleDB including: running instances on different machines for high-availability, fast interconnects, block storage, etc. We have jointly tested and approved ScaleDB on the following clouds: HP Cloud, Amazon, Rackspace and Verizon/Terremark. We continue to test ScaleDB on more and more clouds. Our goal is that ScaleDB run smoothly on every public Linux cloud. Our experience thus far is that we are accomplishing this goal.

MySQL is the most popular, some might say dominant, cloud database in the world. Yet MySQL is not particularly cloud-friendly. The core of cloud technology is virtualization, yet MySQL is not virtualized. ScaleDB changes this, turning MySQL into a virtualized and cloud-friendly database. This enables cloud to enjoy the same benefits on the database tier as they do on the application tier, namely: simplified management, instance mobility, modularity, elasticity, and more. To read more about the fit between ScaleDB and cloud technologies, we encourage you to

Service Partners

Services Partners include developers, systems integrators and consultants who have experience with ScaleDB. If you are looking for assistance in integrating ScaleDB into your infrastructure or your products, this list is a great place to find a trusted partner.

Services Partners provide the custom services for their customers to ensure that you get a complete solution. These partners provide one or more of the following services:

  • Custom software development
  • Business consulting
  • Assembling custom solutions
  • Reselling ScaleDB
  • Hosting solutions

BizKit provides consulting, administration, and maintenance services for database management systems,concentrating on MySQL and open source software.BizKit professionals specialize in MySQL, Linux/Unix/Solaris and cloud infrastructures like Amazon AWS and Rackspace.

Hardware Partners

ScaleDB has been tested, certified, benchmarked and tuned for a variety of Linux servers, as well as the Dolphin high-speed interconnects. As we expand our partnerships with hardware vendors, we will list them here and provide benchmark data. We have yet to run into hardware conflicts, but we will also post information about such conflicts as they arise.

Our goal is to achieve optimal performance on the widest possibly selection of servers. To achieve this objective we actively partner with server (and cloud) vendors to optimize our performance on their servers. We encourage hardware vendors to reach out and partner with us.

Dolphin provides ultra low-latency PCI Express compute interconnect and PCI Express solid state flash memory storage appliances. These combine to accelerate ScaleDB clusters and expand their scalability, while delivering exceptional price performance. Visit


Intel provides the chips that power many of the servers that run ScaleDB for MySQL. ScaleDB has been tested extensively on the Intel platform.


AMD Opteron chips are used in many of the servers that run ScaleDB. ScaleDB for MySQL is tested extensively against AMD chips, to ensure compatibility.