What is ScaleDB

ScaleDB is a modern database cluster optimized for high volume, high velocity structured data. Because ScaleDB uses the MySQL interface, it is compatible with the full MySQL ecosystem of tools and applications and can easily be supported by developers and administrators familiar with MySQL. ScaleDB incorporates specific optimizations for time-series data that deliver an additional order-of-magnitude improvement on time-based queries and analytics.

ScaleDB uses the MySQL storage engine API (like InnoDB), then implements a two-tier clustered architecture. It scales-out in a linear fashion by simply adding nodes to the cluster, offering massive write and query performance in a highly fault-tolerant, cost-effective implementation. Unlike traditional MySQL implementations, there is no need to partition or shard data in ScaleDB as your workloads grow.

How It Performs

For time-series data, ScaleDB’s insert performance is typically 250-times that of MySQL and 3- to 5-times that of comparable NoSQL solutions. Query performance is 20-60-times faster than InnoDB and 2-times that of NoSQL alternatives.

Unlike InnoDB, as your table size grows, insertion rate remains unaffected.

This query is grouping and evaluating 70 million rows during a given 5 minute time interval on a table with ~10 billion rows

How It Scales

A ScaleDB cluster consists of two tiers of nodes. The database tier is one or more MariaDB database nodes. These accept and process database requests from the application. The storage tier is one or more storage nodes. ScaleDB automatically distributes data across storage nodes to enable highly parallel read and write operations. Every database node has read-write access to the entire dataset on the storage tier.

ScaleDB ONE is a free version of ScaleDB that combines a MariaDB database node with a storage node in a single server. ScaleDB ONE is typically used for development, testing and small- to medium-scale data streaming.

As your number of concurrent connections, data volume, data velocity and availability requirements increase, ScaleDB Cluster allows you to scale-out by simply adding nodes to the cluster.