When to Use ScaleDB

ScaleDB Persists and Analyzes Streaming Data

If you have a steady flow of data with high-velocity and you need to store that data (at speed) and query that data, both as it flies in and over history… that is ScaleDB. If you want to store the entire flood of data precision via aggregates
…That’s what we do.
If you need to process both streaming data AND OLTP data, use ScaleDB to process the streaming data and MariaDB/InnoDB for the OLTP data. This setup is transparent to your applications, which continue to execute SQL using MariaDB


When Not to Use ScaleDB

ScaleDB is optimized for streaming analytics in an OLAP use case. Standard MySQL is better optimized for OLTP use cases.




All versions of ScaleDB (ScaleDB ONE and ScaleDB Cluster) are FREE to install, test and use.
You will only pay for the technical services you may ask us to provide.


FREE: ScaleDB ONE 16.04

Use ScaleDB on a single node
Recommended for testing, development, data marts and
small / medium streaming.

  • Store Streaming Data
  • Query Streaming Data
  • 3x-5x Faster Than Native MySQL
  • Medium Data Volume (local storage)

FREE: ScaleDB Cluster 16.04

Exploit the power Of ScaleDB on a cluster
Ideal for massive stream of data and heavy workloads

  • Store Streaming Data
  • Query Streaming Data
  • 300x Faster Than Native MySQL
  • Multi-Node Cluster
  • Massive Data Volume (multi-node storage)
  • Highly Available With Transparent Failover
  • ‘On-the-Fly’ Scaling


  • Email / Forum Support (as available)
  • Knowledge Base
  • Bug Fixes, Patches, Updates


  • Expert Support via Chat & Phone
  • Cloud Installation & Configuration Option
  • Premium Support via Email & Forum Support
  • Knowledge Base
  • Bug Fixes, Patches, Updates


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